Looking Ahead

Short Term List:

  • Scout, Finalize, Move to Long Term Care/Sanctuary location for Dogs
  • Install Sterilization Setup in Short Term Care Shelter for Dogs
  • Develop Long/Life Term Shelter for Cows at New location
  • Get Animal Welfare Board Certification for all facilities
  • Make Website, Standardized Social Media Presence
  • Make Budget, Forecasts
  • Mobility needed – 2 Electric Scooters, 1 Electric Pickup Auto
  • Facilities

Medium Term List:

  • Upgrade Facilities with security, monitoring
  • Documentation/Record keeping Process/Infrastructure
  • HR, Staffing Plan, Processes, Expectations
  • Social Media Presence/Interactions/Publicity
  • Standardize Fund Raising Campaigns with Kits, Branding
  • Build Volunteer Network for Program Support, Service Short Stays
  • Alternative Medicines Push – Homeopathy/Ayurveda/Naturopathy
  • Income for Cow Shelter through Bio-Inputs [Cow Dung/Cow Urine]

Long Term List:

  • Foster Homes for Dogs/Cats Concept Development
  • Research Natural Alternative/Preventive Nutrition (Over Pedigree)
  • Volunteer Doctor Support System
  • Tie up with alternative medicine colleges for internships/volunteers
  • Work on Endowment and Rainy Day/Emergency Fund
  • Gift Shop/Gifting Program
  • Special Events/Education Programs/Classes at Shelters
  • Big and Small Animal Ambulances

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