Our Founder

Sangeetha Iyer

Sangeetha grew up in Palakkad, Kerala where at an early age, her love for animals was instilled by a family that deeply cared for them. Moving and living in Bengaluru she worked at a private firm and also kept her art talent as a Mohiniattam dancer alive both performing and teaching. She worked as a stage artist and in short films in Malayalam and Kannada.

Art transcends boundaries, opens new brain pathways, deeper connections and empathies to all life forms, the environment and makes us appreciate the interconnect edness that’s in play around us in this planet we cohabit. And that formed the bedrock of her philosophy and purpose of life, that ‘All souls are same only the form is different’ and that we must be constantly improving ourselves to give a better environment to the animals around. She regularly cared for animals in her street, and kept food and water for them in a bowl
outside her residence.

She moved to Trivandrum, Kerala after her marriage in late 2015. She fed strays In 2017 she rescued a pup which came drowning in rain water, her first rescue in Trivandrum, named her as Blackie, and the rescue operations continued to include few more puppies in the neighbourhood. In parallel, she also started the sterilisation effort for the stray dogs and as on date, all stray dogs in the Fort ward is 100% sterilized ward for dogs. Every date, rice and chicken of approx. 20 kgs is cooked and distributed around a 10 km circle in their neighbourhood as part of the stray dogs feeding initiative.

With the growing number of rescues of cats/ kittens and dogs, the animal shelter was started, enabling better care system and several of the healthy puppies are also given for adoption after due verification of finding good home and parent . She is being helped by a close circle of neighbours and friends for funding for food and sterilization expenses.

The journey continued with slow and consistent progress and in 2021, Trivandrum
Municipal Corporation were auctioning cattle that a trust failed on its commitment to care for. With great attempts to save these gomatha’s from slaughtering, Sangeetha with lot of efforts found allies. Dhyan Foundation, NGO working in this field came forward to support and Lakshmi her relative from Delhi joined hands to help this cause with moral and financial support. Soon the group formed by grace of God and together all of them managed to save and secure these cattle and give them a shelter.

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